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jul 11 2013

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Just look at the [url=http://www.broncosofficialproshop.com/87_Eric_Decker_Authentic_Jersey.html]Men’s Eric Decker Limited Black Jersey[/url] impact Steve Weatherford had in the Super [url=http://www.eaglesofficialnflstore.com/10_DESEAN_JACKSON_JERSEY/MENS_DESEAN_JACKSON_LIMITED_JERSEY_NIKE_NFL_PHILADELPHIA_EAGLES_10_GREY_SHADOW.html]Men’s DeSean Jackson Limited Grey Shadow Jersey[/url] Bowl almost singlehandedly keeping the Patriots pinned deep in their own territory and is a true unsung hero of the Giants’ win. 7th rounder Jeris Pendleton is an interesting story but a longshot. Undrafted Mike Brewster is the biggest name in the bunch, though there’s a reason he dropped from a 1st round consideration to not being selected he’s just never lived up to his college hype. Still, he has intriguing upside if he can get himself on track.8. Miami Dolphins Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma StateOverall, the Colts’ class has the most obvious potential even outside of Luck. The other three teams seemed to be a mixed bag of guys I liked and guys I didn’t like. It doesn’t look like Jacksonville [url=http://www.shopbuccaneersnfljerseys.com/22_DOUG_MARTIN_JERSEY/MENS_DOUG_MARTIN_GAME_DRIFT_FASHION_JERSEY_NIKE_NFL_TAMPA_BAY_BUCCANEERS_22_RED.html]Men’s Doug Martin Game Red Jersey[/url] or Tennessee [url=http://www.chargersofficialnflstore.com/17_PHILIP_RIVERS_JERSEY/WOMENS_PHILIP_RIVERS_GAME_FEM_FAN_JERSEY_NIKE_NFL_SAN_DIEGO_CHARGERS_17_WHITE.html]Women’s Philip Rivers Game White Jersey[/url] did enough to close the gap between themselves and Houston as the top team in [url=http://www.ravensofficialnfljerseys.com/82_TORREY_SMITH_JERSEY/YOUTH_TORREY_SMITH_ELITE_JERSEY_NIKE_NFL_BALTIMORE_RAVENS_82_PURPLE_TEAM_COLOR_HOME.html]Youth Torrey Smith Elite Purple Team Color Jersey[/url] the [url=http://www.football49ersproshop.com/21_FRANK_GORE_JERSEY/WOMENS_FRANK_GORE_GAME_DRIFT_FASHION_JERSEY_NIKE_NFL_SAN_FRANCISCO_49ERS_21_RED.html]Women’s Frank Gore Game Red Jersey[/url] division but it also doesn’t look like the Texans’ draft class put them definitively atop the AFC contenders. If the Texans are healthy, they should win the AFC South comfortably, even if they get nothing from their draft class. For the Jaguars or Titans to supplant Houston as division champs, they will need their 2nd year QB’s (Gabbert and Locker) to play extremely well and get some first year impact from their draft classees. Hilton, Taylor Thompson, Vick Ballard, [url=http://www.football49ersproshop.com/21_FRANK_GORE_JERSEY/YOUTH_FRANK_GORE_LIMITED_DRIFT_FASHION_JERSEY_NIKE_NFL_SAN_FRANCISCO_49ERS_21_RED.html]Youth Frank Gore Limited Red Jersey[/url] Wade Phillips, Whitney Mercilus, Zach BrownWith the Colts already announcing they intend to choose Luck, there is no suspense in the first pick of this year draft.6. St. Louis Rams Fletcher Cox, DT, Mississippi StateThe Panthers could go in a number of directions at 9 but Michael Floyd is the best player on the board at this point and might be a better prospect than Justin [url=http://www.chiefsofficialnfl.com/11_ALEX_SMITH_JERSEY/YOUTH_ALEX_SMITH_LIMITED_JERSEY_NIKE_NFL_KANSAS_CITY_CHIEFS_11_RED_TEAM_COLOR_HOME.html]Youth Alex Smith Limited Red Team Color Jersey[/url] Blackmon. Combined with Steve Smith, Cam Newton will have an exciting duo of WR with which to shred opposing secondaries.Just four days to go until the 2012 NFL draft. Here is another look at how things could shake out next week:Another spot where Justin Blackmon could go but the Jaguars choose to address their pass rush after adding some veteran depth at WR in the offseason. Currently the Jags only pass rusher is hardworking Jeremy Mincey who is productive but isn a guy offenses have to gameplan for. Ingram had dynamic passrushing ability and gives the Jaguars some much needed athleticism at DE5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Morris Claiborne, CB, LSUThe Bills would probably like to have snagged Floyd or Blackmon, but with both off the board they have to address their weakness at OT a spot which was a problem before losing Demetress Bell to Philadelphia a few weeks ago. Reiff gives the Bills a longterm solution at LT and should help keep Ryan Fitzpatrick upright. [url=http://www.ravensofficialnfljerseys.com/5_JOE_FLACCO_JERSEY/WOMENS_JOE_FLACCO_GAME_SWEETHEART_JERSEY_NIKE_NFL_BALTIMORE_RAVENS_5_PINK.html]Women’s Joe Flacco Game Pink Jersey[/url] A CB like Stephon Gilmore could be a possibility here as well.9. Carolina Panthers Michael Floyd, WR, Notre DameIndianapolis Colts There was no where to go but up for Indianapolis and obviously their draft hinges on the arm of Andrew Luck. If he flops, it won’t matter how good the rest of the class is the 2012 draft will forever be remembered as the “Luck draft”. To go along with their brand new signal caller, the Colts added Luck’s college TE Coby Fleener who will remind Indianapolis fans of the recently departed Dallas Clark with his ability to get yards over the middle. Hilton potentially gives Luck other weapons, though I’m not a fan of Hilton’s frail looking WR’s with ball security problems don’t often turn out well in the pros. Snagging Vick Ballard and Josh Chapman in the 5th seems like good value, with Chapman possibly being the anchor that Chuck Pagano needs if he goes with a 34 defense. Not adding more talent on the defensive side was a bit curious, though it makes sense that the Colts would spend their first rebuilding year trying to make Luck as comfortable as possible. Undrafted DB Michah Pellerin could pay off, as the small school sleeper was a guy I thought could have gone as early as the late 4th or early 5th.Houston Texans For a team that has drafted fairly well lately, their draft this year left me scratching my head. Whitney Mercilus is a guy I liked a lot more as a 43 LE than an OLB in a 34. Wade Phillips certainly can get the most out of his edge rushers, and chances are he will have Mercilus rush early and often to prevent the rookie from having to drop into coverage. Taking an edge rusher when they already have Connor Barwin and Brooks Reed seems like possible overkill. You can certainly never have too many pass rushers, but getting all three of those guys on the field at the same time without leaving the defense vulnerable to big rushing yardage is going to be an interesting challenge for coach Kubiak and Phillips. Not addressing the WR spot until the 3rd round was somewhat defensible, obviously they loved the value of Mercilus in the late 1st and the draft was very deep [url=http://www.cheapnikenfl.com/]Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys[/url] at the receiver spot. However, taking DeVier Posey as the [url=http://www.footballbengalsstore.com/14_ANDY_DALTON_JERSEY/WOMENS_ANDY_DALTON_GAME_BREAST_CANCER_AWARENESS_JERSEY_NIKE_NFL_CINCINNATI_BENGALS_14_DARK_GREY.html]Women’s Andy Dalton Game Dark Grey Jersey[/url] answer to the big hole opposite Andre Johnson is one of the most questionable moves of the draft. Even were he clean offfield, Posey’s stock as a receiver was in a bit of a freefall and there appeared to be a number of other options. 4th rounder Keshawn Martin might be a better bet to contribute, but like Posey seems like a potential reach. Jared Crick in the 4th was a good value pick, if there ever was a defensive scheme for him to succeed in (and it could be the only one he can succeed in at the NFL level), it’s Wade Phillips’ attacking 34. Watt a breather. Adding Dwight Jones (another overrated and questionable character WR) might yield dividends, but their best undrafted finds could be LB Shawn Loiseau and S Eddie Pleasant.3. Minnesota Vikings Matt Kalil, OT, Southern CaliforniaIt assumed that the Rams will [url=http://www.football49ersproshop.com/52_PATRICK_WILLIS_JERSEY/MENS_PATRICK_WILLIS_ELITE_JERSEY_NIKE_NFL_SAN_FRANCISCO_49ERS_52_SUPER_BOWL_XLVII_TEAMALTERNATE_TWO_TONE.html]Men’s Patrick Willis Elite Jersey[/url] grab Justin Blackmon if he available at 6 but new coach Jeff Fisher loves to build his defense, especially with DT who can disrupt the pass. Cox didn have an offthecharts Combine, but he is an ideal 43 3technique who can get after the QB and hold his own in the run game. He will give St. Louis the talent on the interior DL that they lacked for a number of years.2. Washington Redskins Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor(Originally posted by me at Mocking The Draft)Tennessee Titans Individually, I like the prospects the Titans took. Collectively though, and given the team’s needs, it was strange to see it come together in the manner it did. Signing Kam Wimbley before the draft cut down the team’s need for an edge player, but going with a WR in the 1st surprised a lot of people. Maybe the team feels Kenny Britt isn’t a good bet to rebound to preinjury [url=http://www.football49ersproshop.com/99_ALDON_SMITH_JERSEY/WOMENS_ALDON_SMITH_LIMITED_JERSEY_NIKE_NFL_SAN_FRANCISCO_49ERS_99_RED_TEAM_COLOR_HOME.html]Women’s Aldon Smith Limited Red Team Color Jersey[/url] form or stay out of trouble? The Titans did throw [url=http://www.redskinsnflofficialshop.com/10_ROBERT_GRIFFIN_III_JERSEY/MENS_ROBERT_GRIFFIN_III_LIMITED_JERSEY_NIKE_NFL_WASHINGTON_REDSKINS_10_WHITE_ROAD.html]Men’s Robert Griffin III Limited White Jersey[/url] the ball with surprising frequency last year, so it’s possible they plan on airing it out a lot again in 2012 and want more playmakers in their receiving corps. Zach Brown in the 2nd is a boomorbust type, but he fits the Titans’ scheme really well. Taylor Thompson was one of the most intriguing prospects to come out, the converted DE has great athleticism and size for the TE position. Mike Martin is a little short but looks to have solid upside as a rotational player. Markelle Martin was vastly overrated in the beginning of the [url=http://www.football49ersproshop.com/52_PATRICK_WILLIS_JERSEY/WOMENS_PATRICK_WILLIS_ELITE_JERSEY_NIKE_NFL_SAN_FRANCISCO_49ERS_52_C_PATCH_RED_TEAM_COLOR_HOME.html]Women’s Patrick Willis Elite Red Team Color Jersey[/url] draft process (at one point, he was being mocked in the 2nd round) but as a 6th rounder he could add some value in sub packages or on special teams. DaJohn Harris could stick as an undrafted free agent.10. Buffalo Bills Riley Reiff, OT, IowaWith Luck headed to Indianapolis, Griffin will be headed to the nation capital. He could be the first true QB the Redskins have had in a long, long time. He better be, given the package of picks Washington traded for him.Talented but troubled Aqib Talib is probably on the way out and Ronde Barber is ancient. Claiborne is an ideal pick for the young Tampa Bay defense. It would be very surprising if Claiborne was available here and the Bucs passed on him. Trent Richardson is the only other guy who could make [url=http://www.lionsofficialnflshop.com/81_CALVIN_JOHNSON_JERSEY/WOMENS_CALVIN_JOHNSON_LIMITED_JERSEY_NIKE_NFL_DETROIT_LIONS_81_WHITE_ROAD.html]Women’s Calvin Johnson Limited White Jersey[/url] some sense but grabbing a CB has to be a higher priority than a RB.4. Cleveland Browns Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A McCoy probably isn going to be the guy to take the Browns where they want to go so the question becomes: do they give McCoy one more year with a premier offensive talent like Justin Blackmon or Trent Richardson, or do they grab a potential franchise QB now? I don think the Browns can pass on Tannehill here and still have another first rounder to add a RB or WR.7. Jacksonville Jaguars Melvin Ingram, OLB, South Carolina1. Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford

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